Niagara Soaring Club

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Fee structure

Niagara Soaring Club

Schedule of fees for 2020

Membership Rates

Member Share $400($200  Refundable)

Monthly Dues $50

Annual SSA Membership $64

Log Book $6

Tow tickets

1500ft or simulated rope break $20

2000ft $25

2500ft $30

3000ft $35

Above this $5 for each additional 500ft

Suggested initial

Amount: $620

Includes membership with 2 month’s dues,2 2000 ft tows, SSA membership & logbook

There is no additional cost for instruction or aircraft rental.

Flights are limited to 1 hour when another glider is not available for club members.

Instructional flights are at instructor’s discretion.

Trial membership $90

Includes 2 instructional flights w/2000ft tows

This value is available one time per individual and tow tickets are not transferable.

Any unused flights can be put towards membership @ $45 per flight

Intro flights are available at $60

NSC is a cooperative operation where members are encouraged to participate at any level that their skills and time permit.

President’s email: